Sunday, September 4, 2011

How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Hey everyone!  Sorry I haven't been posting much.  School has just started back up and I've been swamped with homework.  For today's post, I'm going to show you guys two easy ways to clean your makeup brushes.

Most people overlook this step, but it's very, very important.  Overtime, makeup brushes tend to build bacteria.  Also, the dirt and oils on your face get transferred to the brush.  Each time you use it, you are just swiping this dirt, oil, and bacteria back on your face.  This can lead to more and more breakouts.  Not cleaning your makeup brush is like the equivalent of not cleaning your face.

Spot Cleaning

What you'll need:

What to do:
First take your brush and hold it over the paper towel.  Now spray your brush cleanser over the bristles.  Then take your brush and swirl it in the extra cleanser that fell on the paper towel using the right motion.  For flat or angled brushes, go back and forth and for round or dome shaped brushes, go in circular motions.  Make sure to keep swirling until the brush leaves behind a clean trail.  You can take more brush cleanser and repeat the steps if necessary.  Now shape the brush back into its original shape and leave it on the paper towel to dry.

How to Deep Clean

What you'll need:
  • Antibacterial dish soap
  • Olive oil or argan oil
  • Plate or bowl
  • Linen towel
  • Brush guard or aluminum foil
  • A cup or two
What to do:
Pour the dish soap and argan oil on a plate.  Now take your brush and swirl it all around in the mixture.  The reason we're using antibacterial dish soap is because it will kill all of the bacteria built up in your brush.  As for the argan oil,  we're using it to recondition the hairs on the brush because the dish soap strips the hairs and dries them out.  Take the brush and swirl it on the palm of your hand to remove all of the pigments and bacteria.  Lay it on the towel and move on to the next one.  Once your finished cleaning all of your brushes, run them under water until the water falling from your brushes is clear.  Shake them off just a little bit and squeeze out the extra water with the towel.  Now slide a brush guard over the brush.  This just helps the brush keep its shape.  Be sure to leave about half an inch at the top so the brush can stand upside down.  Never ever dry brushes on their side or right side up when you've exposed them to water.  The water can trickle down into the handle and loosen up the glue that holds all the hairs together.  This can make your brush loose all of the hair.  So always make sure you dry it upside down.  That's why we use the brush guard so we can let the brush stand upside down in a cup.  All the extra water will collect at the bottom.  If you don't have a brush guard, you can take aluminum foil and wrap it around your brush leaving enough room at the top so you can stand your brush up without mushing your it.

I hope this helps!  If you have any requests, leave them in the comments below! 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Favorite Nail Combo

Image from here.
Hey everyone!  I was inspired to recreate this Vanessa Hudgens look and wear it as my back-to-school nails.  I didn't realize how much I would fall in love with the look when I was done with it. It's amazing!

What You'll Need:

  • Turquoise nail polish
  • Gold nail polish
  • Top Coat

How to:

1. Take the turquoise nail polish and paint all of your fingers except one.  I decided not to paint my ring finger like Vanessa did here.  I used Essie's Turquoise and Caicos.  I had to use about 2 coats to get a good color.

2. Now take a gold color and paint your ring finger.  I used Nicole by O.P.I's The Next CEO.  Again, I had to use two coats.

3. Now take a top coat to seal the nail polish.  I used Wet 'N Wild's Rock Solid Top Coat.

A really cute idea would be to take that same gold color used on your ring finger, and use it on your toe nails. This way the mismatched ring finger looks like you intended to do it that way.  I loved this look!  I hope you guys enjoyed the post!


Video: How to Curl and Wave Your Hair With a Straightening Iron

Hey everyone!  I've been doing a lot of videos lately and thought I should share one of them with you.  It's a little rambly, but that's because I become tongue-tied while doing the videos. Haha!  Watch how to curl and wave your hair with a flat iron below! :)

If you have any blog or video requests, just let me know! 


Friday, August 12, 2011

Katey's Outlook on Youtube!

Hey everyone!  I have big news.  I made my own Youtube channel!  You can check it out here.  I'm so, so, so excited about it.  I'm basically going to be doing the same thing like I do here, only in videos.  Don't worry about the blog though.  I will still post extras on it and other articles.

But I do need your help.  Tell me what kind of videos you want to see.  I want to be able to post videos you guys like.  So just comment below and tell me what you think.  Or you can go to my Youtube channel and comment or my Twitter.  I can't wait to hear from you guys!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

DIY Lip Gloss

Hey everyone!  As of lately, I have really been into making my own cosmetics and looking up what goes into creating them.  A couple of posts ago, I made my own lip scrub that turned out really well.  So that inspired me to find a way to make my own lip gloss.

To say the least, it turned out amazing!  I honestly don't see how I didn't think of this earlier.  

What you'll need:
  • Clear lip gloss(the less sticky,the better)
  • Pigments, loose eye shadow, or pressed eye shadow
  • Something to store it in/mix it in
  • A lip gloss brush

Take the clear lip gloss and squeeze it out into your container.  I used a spoon when I did it because I was planning on using enough for one application.  Now choose what color of lip gloss you want to create.  I decided on making a bright red.  Now that you know what color, choose what pigments or eye shadows you want to use to make the color of your lip gloss.  I selected a very bright red and a warm gold.  I'll explain why I took gold later on.  I took the back of the lip gloss brush and scraped out the red pigment from my eye shadow into the clear lip gloss.  Scrape as little as possible needed to make your color.  The more eye shadow you put in it, the more cakey it gets.  I took just a little bit.  Just enough to dust the top of the gloss.  Then I took the warm gold and scraped just a little out into the container.  I then flipped the brush around and used the applicator part of it to mix it all up.  Ta-da!  You have your very own pigmented lip gloss.  If you wanted your lip gloss to be extra glittery, take an edible glitter and mix it into you lip gloss.  If you want to turn you gloss into a lip plumper, take a little cinnamon and add it to your gloss.  Cinnamon is a natural lip plumper.

Now for the part about the warm gold.  Some colors you add to lipstick or gloss determine the undertone of the finished product.  If you want a color that looks best with cool undertoned skin, take a blue or purple color and add it to your gloss.  If you want a color that looks best with warm undertoned skin, take a yellow or orange type of color and add it to your gloss.  It's all about color theory.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You Need It: Argan Oil

Hey everyone!  I thought about keeping this secret to myself, but decided against it.  I mean, how selfish would I be if I didn't let you know about a miracle product??  I got a new straightening iron a couple months ago after my old one chose to die on me when I was getting ready for school.  To say the least, it was not the best hair day I've ever had.  That afternoon, I went to Sally Beauty Supply to buy a new flat iron.  I literally stood there for a good hour comparing flat irons and their prices.  I finally gave up and asked the girl at the counter which one she recommends.  She pointed out one of the ones I had been eyeing, but wasn't sure if I should get.  

It was the One 'n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Straightening Iron.  The description said that the flat iron was infused with natural argan oil that smooths and defrizzes hair while you straighten or curl it.  It is probably the best flat iron I have ever had.  Just saying.

Now to get on to the point of this post, the flat iron came with it's own little bottle of argan oil to use for whatever.  I started experimenting with it and did some research.  I found out that this product can do almost anything.  Argan oil is oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree.  Argan oil contains significant amounts of fatty acids, one being omega 6 which is known for its uses in repairing and defending the skin.  Because of all the fatty acids, it prevents against drying and loss of elasticity.  It also contains a lot of Vitamin E that is known for really moisturizing. 

You can use argan oil for almost anything.  Here are some examples of how to use it:

1. Use it as a moisturizer.  Like I said, the Vitamin E in it does it all.
2. You can use it as an anti-aging treatment on wrinkle-prone zones thanks to all the fatty acids...
3. Use it to strengthen weak and brittle nails.  Mix equal parts argan oil and lemon juice and soak for ten minutes.  Ta-da!  Instantly tough nails.
4. You can use argan oil as a defrizzer.  Just put two drops in your hands and rub them together.  Now lightly run your hands with the oil through your hair.
5. Use it as a deep conditioning treatment. Apply about a quarter-sized amount in your hands and run it all over focusing on massaging it in your scalp and on the ends of your hair.  Now wrap your hair in a warm towel for  30 minutes or overnight.  Just be sure to wash it out whenever you're done.
6. You can also use it to improve the firmness of you skin and use it on rough areas of you body.

I also found out that model, Josie Maran, has come out with her own line of argan oil infused cosmetics.  You can check it out here.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post!


Your Swimsuit Style Guide-2

Hey everyone! Since bikini season is in full swing, I thought it would be best to put up the second part to my Swimsuit Style Guide series.  On the last post, I focused on body shapes with bigger busts, smaller busts, and curvy body shapes.  On this one, I'm going to focus on athletic body shapes and tall and short gals.  A key style that will work for everybody is color blocking.  If you want to appear slimmed down, pick a suit with dark colors on the sides and light colors in the middle section.  Vice versa if you want to seem more curvy.  If you are pear shaped, i.e., you have a bigger bottom, pick a suit with dark colors on the bottom and light colors on top.  Again, vice versa if you have a bigger top.  Let's get into the different body types!

1.  Athletic-  If you have an athletic body shape, anything will look good on you.  You can wear any type of bikini to show off your flat tummy.  If you want to create curves, pick a monokini.  A monokini is basically a one-piece with sexy cutouts throughout the bathing suit.  If you pick one with the right cutouts, you can look like you have an awesome curvy body.  No specific color required. All of the suits are from Target.  I swear, you can find any type of cute swimsuit at Target!


2. Tall Girls- If you're lucky enough to be considered tall, you can wear a string bikini to show off your long legs.  If you have more leg than torso or just want to appear a little shorter, you can wear a monochromatic suit to lengthen the torso and trick the eyes into thinking you have a little more torso than you do.  Another good choice would be to wear a tankini to cover the midriff.  Exposing the midriff lengthens your entire body while covering makes it shorter. The 2 with the white background are from, where else, Target.  The other is from Belk.


3. Short Girls-  I'm one of them and I can testify that this trick works!  I'm only 5' 2" and I would like to appear just a little taller from time to time.  I usually get swimsuits with a higher cut on the leg.  A higher cut lengthens the leg, making you appear taller.  I couldn't find any images from normal stores that describe what I'm talking about, but you can do this with almost any one piece.  Just take the sides of the suit and hike them up some to lengthen your leg.  I don't have to do this with mine because it came that way.  I got mine at Belk if that helps!

I hope you all enjoyed this mini-series and I will talk to you in the next blog post!




Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY Lip Scrub

Hey everyone!  My lips have been really dry lately, so I decided to finally use a lip scrub.  Instead of going out and buying one for like $20, I made my own.  I'm really proud of it!  It was so easy to make because I just went into my bathroom and kitchen and used what I already had.  I didn't have to buy anything!  It really works too because I used it for two days and now my lips are so smooth.  I can't stop rubbing them together.  Weird, right?  I will never go back to having dry, cracked lips.

What you'll need:

  • Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline or something like it)
  • 2 Chapsticks (One to cut up and one to use afterwards)
  • Vanilla Extract (Only if you want it to smell good)
  • Brown Sugar
  • A little container
  • Something to mix with
  • Something to cut with

Take the Petroleum Jelly and scoop up enough to fill about 2/3 of your container.  Now take one of your chapsticks and cut off just one little slice to add to the jelly.  The chapstick mixed with the jelly will moisturize your lips while giving the brown sugar something to stick to.  Add about two drops of vanilla to make the scrub smell and taste amazing.  Now take the brown sugar and add as much brown sugar as you want.  You can make the texture as rough or as soft as you want to.  I like mine a little rough to really scrub away all the dead skin on my lips.

When you're done making it, you can store it overnight in the fridge to let it harden a bit.  Or if you want, you can go ahead and use it.  I didn't choose to refrigerate mine, but that's up to you.  When you decide to use the scrub, scoop up a little bit on your finger and start gently rubbing it on your lips in circular motions.  Do this for about a minute.  To get it off, use a warm washcloth and lightly rub away the lip scrub.  Use circular motions again.  When it's all off, you'll notice that your lips are a little more pigmented and plumper.  That just means that the scrub worked.  To lock in the moisture, choose your favorite lip balm and apply it over your newly smoothed lips.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Style Secret: Beauty Edition!

Hey everyone!  After having a fabulous vacation, I wanted to update you all on my new favorite trend.  I love colored eye shadow!  I use to be really scared of wearing colored eye shadow. I was always worried that I would end up looking like a clown, but after seeing some of the different beauty gurus on Youtube do different colored eye shadow looks, I fell in love with it.  My favorite one would probably be Blair Fowler's.  I like the fact that it's colorful without being over done.  This year is definitely all about the bright shadows.  Spring was all about pastels and keeping it clean.  Summer is all about bright turquoise shadows and fall will be all about crimson and orange pigments.  You can definitely wear all these colors without it looking like it's just child's play.  If you do it right, you can look like a professional.  Just checkout Michelle Phan's rainbow eyes.  I love this look and I would definitely wear it.

 A tip I have for wearing colored eye shadows is to not go above the crease.  Just keep the colors mainly in the eyelid and crease part so it won't look too dramatic.  Another tip I have is if you have colored eye shadows that aren't as pigmented as you would like, use a white cream eye shadow or base to make the colors pop.  Since the white isn't pigmented, it won't get in the way of the natural color of the eye shadow.  What you see in the container is what you get on your lid.  

So tell me, do you love this new trend?  Let me know in the comments below! 


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Essie's Turquoise and Caicos

Hey everyone!  I recently got a new nail polish I've been loving.  It is Essie's Turquoise and Caicos.  The nail polish is a really pretty turquoise color.  I know everyone compares it to the Tiffany Blue Box, but that is basically what it looks like.  I just think it is the perfect summer color.  I got mine at Target for like $8.99.  There were so many to choose from, but I settled on this bright turquoise.  I'm really happy I got it!  Right now I have it on my finger nails and on my toe nails, I have Avon's Coral Bikini.  It's a bright coral color that's almost hot pink.

Anyways, I wanted to share with you all my favorite way to wear the Turquoise and Caicos color.

1.  Start out with a base coat.  You don't have to be neat with it because it's clear and will be covered up with pretty nail polish anyways. Just do one light coat on all of your fingers.  Let it dry completely before you start painting over it or else it can become a gross mess.

2.  Now take the Turquoise and Caicos color and do two light coats on all of your nails.

3.  Take a pretty, sparkly, metallic and paint it on your ring finger.  I used silver, but any color like gold would look really pretty, too!

4. Last step! Take a top coat and use it to set your nail polish.  This will make the colors more vibrant and prevent chipping.

Thanks for reading my post and I'll talk to you guys next time!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Style Secret: Nude Dresses

I'm sure many of you are aware of the LBD or the little black dress.  As of lately, the LND or little nude dress has been stealing the spotlight.  The LND is really classic.  It's best to wear in spring and summer because it does make your skin look a lot tanner and it just has that beachy feel.  This should really become a staple piece in your closet.  The cool thing is that you can style this dress so many different ways.  If you look at  what Taylor Swift has done with her dress, she kept it classic.  She added a little extra by pairing it with a nude belt to emphasize her tiny waist.  Hayden Panettiere made hers edgy by coupling her nude dress with black leather peep toe booties and a bright purple clutch.  The dress itself is really cute because of it's tight fit and really loose sleeves.  Vanessa Hudgens is the the queen of boho and you can see it with her laid back nude dress.  She chose to wear one that had different nude shades in a zig-zag pattern.  For jewelry she paired it with a long feather necklace and simple brown bracelets.  Vanessa kept that boho feel by putting her wavy hair half up, half down.

I hope you guys liked this post! Leave a comment letting me know whether you like this trend or not.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Your Swimsuit Style Guide-1

With summer already starting, it’s time to start preparing for bikini weather! I have recently been on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit. The perfect one for me would be one that makes me feel confident, but still looks fabulous! There are just so many different style options for swimsuits that I can't pick just one!  I'm going to show you guys different style options for your body type.  This is going to be an ongoing series because there are just so many things that I can write about different swimsuits.  So to keep you from overload, I'm going to do 3 different types for today.  Just know that no matter what you look like, you can where any type of swimsuit as long as you feel amazing in it. Work it!

Here are some different style options....

1. Bigger Busted Girls-  For you gals, always choose a halter top!  Whether it's a one piece or bikini, the halter top will give you the extra support you need.  If you don't like halter tops, where a swimsuit with thicker straps.  The thicker straps will give you support, but not as much as the halter would.  No matter what the straps are, look at the band around the bottom of the bikini.  Does it even have one?  A thicker band will keep you from falling out and give you even more support.  It would be even better if it had underwire in it.  If you're athletic at the beach, you would want a bathing suit with a thicker band as well for the same reasons.  Try and stay away from really crazy patterns and colors because that would be a little overwhelming.  The first 2 are from Target and the other one is from Urban Outfitters.


2. Smaller Busted Girls-  Bandeau tops were make for smaller chested women!  If you don't have much to show for, opt for a crazy, fun bandeau top.  A bandeau top is basically just a band that hugs around your bust.  Some come with thin straps and some don't.  It's your choice.  A bandeau top would help you look like you have a little more than you do.They also come in so many different colors and patterns.  Don't stick to plain ones, go crazy because you are one of the few types that can go wild with colors and patterns.  The first one is from Target and the other one is from Urban Outfitters.  How cute are they?!

3.  Curvy Girls-  One pieces are the way to go!  They hide things that you don't want us to see and you can go crazy on patterns as well.  The patterns are going to hide all the lumps and bumps.  Stick to darker colors like navy, black, and burgundy.  They are going to make you appear slimmer.  You can wear brighter colors, just stay away from neon.   Also stay away from metallic and shiny fabrics because they will emphasize your extra skin.  Ruching would look really cute too!  Another note, if you are insecure and feel like you can't wear a two piece, you can totally rock a two piece!  First one is from Target and the other one is from Urban Outfitters.  I love the second one. I need it!

And here's a really cute cover up from Urban Outfitters!

There are some more guides coming soon!  I hope you guys enjoy this new post. :)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How To: Relieve Stress

Hey everyone!  So I've been feeling a little, or majorly, stressed out and sad lately.  I have decided that I'm not the only one and I wanted to share my tips with you on how to relax.  They really help and I hope they help you, too.

1. Deep Breathing- As cheesy as it sounds, it really does help. Just focus on your breathing to take your mind off of things.  Start out with inhaling for 4 counts and then exhaling for 4 counts.  Do this until it becomes almost natural.  When that becomes too easy, do the same thing only for 8 counts.

2.  Aromatherapy-  Whenever things are overwhelming, I go to my room and just light candles and sit on my bed.  I usually pick out candles that have good memories associated with them or have a calming smell to get me to calm down.

3.  Blog-  Not everyone can do this tip, but blogging and coming up with a new post helps me relax.  It gets my mind off things.  Knowing that I'm writing to people who care, makes me feel awesome.  Also, whenever I post, I want it to sound happy and cheery like I am most of the time, so when I'm sad, I have to pull off that happy and cheery feeling.  Pretending to be happy in turn, usually makes me happy.

4.  Giving Myself a Makeover-  This one is so much fun to do because once I see all my makeup, I usually forget whatever just happened and start brainstorming new eye looks.  I do one look on each eye to see which one I like best.  I look like a clown by the time I'm done, but I don't care because I had fun doing it.

5.  Going Out With Friends-  My friends are awesome. Period.  So whenever I go out with them, I have fun and just let go.  Whether it's going to the camp ground my friend owns or going to the mall, we have a good time and everything bad just slips away.  Check out one of my best friend's blog here!

Hopefully you guys can get some good use out of these tips.  Probably with in a week or so, I'll post another beauty related post.  Maybe my foundation routine?  Or maybe something having to do with summer?  I don't know, but it will be a good one!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Quick Tips! #2

Hey everyone!  So my mascara has a tendency to run during the day even though it's waterproof.  I use the L'oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.  I would use a different mascara, but I really like the way it makes my eyelashes look.  My friend heard a trick from somewhere that if you spray hairspray on your face after you've applied your makeup, it makes it last longer.  I thought she had gone insane after she told me that, but the runny mascara was getting really annoying.  So I tried the tip and you know what?  It totally worked!  My makeup stayed in  place ALL day.  I used the L'oreal Elnett Hairspray because it has a light formula.  When you do this, you just do one quick, light spray.  So light it's not even there, but it does the trick.

Do I sound crazy or are you going to try it? Haha! Let me know in the comments below.


How to: The Bronze Goddess

Hey everyone!  Since summer is here, or almost here,  I decided to do a golden makeup look.  The focus point of the look is your eyes.  I think it looks best on blue eyes, but any eye color can rock it. I hope you like it!

1.  Apply a primer to your face to keep your foundation from running off.  Then apply your favorite tinted moisturizer.  I don't have a favorite so I just use the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 120.  It's light enough to wear during the summer and has a dewy finish.

2.  Next, apply a translucent powder to set your foundation.  Now take a bronzer and apply it using the "3" method.  If you don't know what that is, just basically apply bronzer to the high points of your face.  Then take your favorite blush, either cream blush or powder, and apply it on the apples of your cheeks.  The best color for this look would be a peach color. 

3.  For your eyes, apply a primer so it doesn't sweat off.  I like Two Faced Shadow Insurance.  On the inner third apply a light frosty beige.  A good shade for that would be M-A-C's Mylar.  On the rest of the lid apply a dark gold color and blend it into the crease. On the very outer edge, add a copper shade to add a little extra sparkle.  Underneath, take an eyeliner brush and brush the copper shade into your lower lash line.  

4.  Add liner on top and bottom. Same goes for your mascara. 

5.  For lips, just keep them bare or you can add a nude gloss to them.

I hope you guys like this post and let me know if you tried it out! :)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

My New Obsession!

I'm obsessed with essie's latest summer collection, Braziliant.  They are all the perfect colors for summer and super cute!

The collection includes: Super Bossa Nova which is a really hot pink color, Meet Me at Sunset which is a gorgeous deep orange and probably my favorite color from the collection, Too Too Hot which is a hot red coral color, Smooth Sailing is a blue lavender with a pearl finish, Braziliant is THE color of the collection and is a shimmery bright orange, and finally there is Absolutely Shore which is a barely there sea foam green.

I want all of these! So tell me, are you going to get any of these colors or do you already own them?  Answer in the comments section!


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quick Tips! #1

Ok, does anybody else have the problem of their lipstick not lasting long enough?  I definitely do.  I love my Viva Glam Gaga lipstick by M-A-C, but it doesn't stay on as long as I would want it to.  I have to keep reapplying it and I feel like I'm just wasting the product by doing that.  I'm going to give you guys a tip thanks to Michelle Phan that will make your lipstick stay on forever. Trust me, it works!

To get started, apply lip balm to your lips to make them smooth for easy lipstick application.  My preference would be the eos Lip Balm Smooth Sphere in Summer Fruit.  The only reason I like the Summer Fruit one is because it's the closet thing to pink they have, and it smells AMAZING! Now apply your favorite lipstick, mine being the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick, to your lips like you normally would.  Then take a tissue and blot your lips.  With the tissue covering your lips after you have blotted, take a powder puff with translucent powder dusted on it and press it against the tissue covering your lips.  The powder is going to absorb the oils that will make your lipstick fade, staining the lips.  Apply another coat of lipstick to finish it off!

And there you have it!  I'm telling you guys, it really works.  I also think by doing the powder thing, it acts as some sort of plumper as well because after doing this my lips appeared to be more full.  I hope this helps you guys!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Compilation of My Beauty Tips

Hey everyone!  I'm going to do a post on some of my favorite beauty tips that I've learned over the years.  I do have a question though. Should I make this like a blogging series or just do one post on all of them?  Just tell me what you think in the comments section.  Your thoughts are appreciated!  Now for the tips...

Tip 1- How to smell better longer!

Mix your perfume with your moisturizer!  The perfume and moisturizer will mix and the moisturizer will pull the perfume down with it into the skin as it absorbs.  The result?  Good smelling skin all day!

Tip 2-  Are you stressed?  It shows!

Here are some of my favorite ways to relax:  Use aromatherapy or candles in your home- Listen to calming music at night when your going to bed- Take 20 minute walks in the evening- Take natural vitamins daily.  Just remember to smile! :)

Tip 3-  Want thicker lashes?

After curling your lashes, dust powder on them, then apply thickening mascara.  If you want extra drama, apply another layer of powder on your lashes after the first coat and apply a lengthening mascara.  Alternate if you want to. My two favorite mascaras for this would be the L'oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black and Maybelline's One by One Mascara.  

Tip 4- Want to make your eyes look bigger?

I have really small eyes so I've found a way to make them appear bigger.  Take a white eyeliner and apply that on your waterline instead of black eyeliner.  The white eyeliner pulls the white part of your eye down making them look bigger while the black eyeliner pulls you lash line up making your eyes appear smaller.

Tip 5- How to have higher cheekbones.

Appearing like you have higher cheekbones makes your face look more sculpted.  A really clever tip made me go "Why didn't I think of that?!"  Make a fishy face and sweep bronzer just above your natural cheekbone.  Your cheekbone is the place right above where your face sinks in when you make a fishy face.  After that, smile to find the apple of your cheek.  That's the part that sticks out when you smile.  Apply the blush a little higher then normal.  And tada! You have higher cheekbones.

I hope these tips work for you guys!  Remember to let me know in the comments below whether or not I should keep this as an ongoing series or just do one more post posting all of the ones I know.  Thanks for reading!


Monday, March 28, 2011

My Top 5 Summer Trend Predictions

Image from

  Hey everyone!  Since spring is already upon us, I've decided to go ahead and make my predictions for the upcoming summer trends.   Last year's summer trends and this year's spring trends are all making their way over into 2011's trends for the summer.  I'm super excited for this!  Especially since a lot of fun, bright, colors and patterns are going to be involved! 

1.  The tribal trend will go wild this summer with colorful patterns and textures.  Anything with a tribal feel is going to be on trend.  

2.  Floral and animal prints are going to be everywhere!  If you haven't caught on yet, anything with an abstract print is going to be see on everyone.  I especially love a floral skirt or dress paired with simple, feminine accessories.

3.  Crop tops are going to be huge!  Just about everyone is either wearing or talking about crop tops.  I can see why because they are so cute!  They would look amazing with jean shorts for the summer.

4.  Anything jean on top!  Things like jean vests, jean jackets, button down jean shirts, etc.  You know what I'm saying.

5.  Possibly my favorite trend, coral is going to be on everything from scarfs to rings to necklaces.  Mosey on over to my Forever21 haul to check out my coral statement piece I purchased from them.  I think it's about time coral is a trend because it's such a pretty color!

Do you guys have any summer predictions?  Let me know in the comments! :)


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Product Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

  Hey everyone!  In the last couple of weeks, I've been hearing a lot about the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.  My best friend, Brittany, tried the zebra print ones about a month ago and loved them!  She got so many complements on them.  They looked super pretty and stayed on for a long time, so I decided to give them a try.  I didn't want to copy her and get the same pattern and I didn't want something that you can easily recreate with regular nail polish, so I went for Laced Up.  So far it's been a week and they are still going strong!  They look exactly like they did when I first put them on.  They haven't even chipped!

  It was a little difficult putting them on at first because they wouldn't stick that well on some of the edges.  I decided to get my clear nail polish and put a light coat of it over them to help them stay.  It worked really well!  A lot of the strips were too big for my nails, so I had to trim them down.  Overall they are definitely worth the $8.50 to buy them.

  Have you guys tried them before?  Let me know in the comments below! 


Forever21 Haul!!!

(From Google Images)

 As many of you know, Forever21 is my favorite store.  You can get anything from there!  Tops, dresses, cheap accessories, good quality makeup, etc.  You name it, they have it.  I recently went on an online shopping spree because I was in need of some new spring items.  Let's face it, my favorite sweaters from winter aren't going to cut it when it's already getting close to 80 degrees where I live.

(All pictures from Forever21.  Collage created my me.)

  I heart this dress!  This is the perfect dress to add to your spring wardrobe.  This dress is so light and airy.  It keeps you cool and comfortable.  It's the perfect thing to throw on if you are going out with your friends on a Saturday or have a lunch date.  I paired this dress with the white cardigan I also got from Forever21.  For accessories, I wore some silver leaf earrings my aunt made me and black sandals I got from Rack Room Shoes.

2. Speckled Dolman Top $15.80

  I would have linked the top so you could buy it, but when I bought mine it was a final sale item.  I was really lucky I got it.  I was on Forever21's website last night and there are a bunch of tops similar to this one that you can find.  This is probably my favorite top now.  It's so comfy!  This dolman top looks great on everyone and with anything!  I got mine in baby pink, which I think looks good on pretty much any skin tone.   A simple 3/4 sleeve top is stylish and figure flattering to most people and looks best when paired with tailored pieces, such as stovepipe jeans or flat-front shorts.  It was a little chilly when I first wore it, so I paired it with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans.  As for accessories, I went simple on the earrings and wore a pair of gold studs my mom has from a while ago, the coral pendant necklace also featured in this haul, and a pair of $20.00 brown boots from Wal-Mart.  It looked so good!

  I'm really glad I got this cardigan because it feels so good!  It's so soft.  It's 65% polyester. It keeps you cool and warm at the same time.  It's very strange, but feels amazing! And look how cute it is!  You always need a good white cardigan in your closet. It's an essential that you can pair with anything and make it look fabulous.  You can read how I first wore it back up at number 1.

  This is the most adorable skirt I've ever scene. Ever.  It's so cute and comfortable.  It makes you look polished and professional without trying too hard.  I know it's a little expensive for a skirt, but I think it's just a really unique item.  The first time I saw it I thought, "I HAVE to have this!"  It was a must have.  I paired this with just a plain white tank top from Old Navy that was tucked in and a navy blue cardigan from Kohl's.  For foot wear and accessories, I wore some brown sandals that had different beading details on it from Wal-Mart and my gold bangle from this shopping trip.

  This is the perfect accessory for any outfit.  It's simple enough to wear with a busy pattern and dramatic enough to wear with a simple outfit.  And look at how cheap it is!  I wore this cute little, or shall I say big, bangle with the blue speckled top and the lace tiered skirt. 

  So cute!  I love this one-size-fits-all ring.  This pretty little thing is the perfect accent for your spring wardrobe!  It can go with so many different outfits and can transition easily from day to night.  This ring looks really pretty paired with the baby pink dolman top or an ivory racer-back tank with some skinny jeans.

  Seriously?!  This is only $6.80?  This necklace is such a statement piece to have in your wardrobe.  Not only is the gold on trend for spring, but so is the coral color of the pendant.  This necklace basically screams spring.  It looks adorable matched with the dolman top or with a solid colored tank in grey, white, or light pink.  Keep the rest of your accessories minimal since this is such a statement piece.

  I love how simple, but pretty this top is.  It's so cute paired with my black skinny jeans I got from T.J. Maxx and black boots that I got from Target.  Since the weather flip flops back and forth where I live, I would only wear this outfit when it gets a bit cooler.  When the weather is warmer, I would where this with some white shorts and black sandals.  The rose tusk necklace also looks really cute coupled with it.  Since this shirt is so loose fitting on top, try to keep your pieces on the bottom more structured.  

  This is the perfect accessory for the Boho girl.  I love how unique this necklace is.  It looks super cute paired with solid or simple patterned shirts and dresses.  Warning: Items are bigger than they appear.  When I first saw this necklace, I didn't realize how big it really was.  When I was looking at the size for this necklace it said it was 1.97".  I was like, "Ok, that shouldn't be that big."  Wrong.  It's the size of my thumb!  Now, I'm not criticizing it.  I am just warning you.  It really is super cute though!

  I promise. I'm done for now.  Haha!  Sorry that was such a long post, but I wanted to give you guys my honest opinion on everything I got.  I hope you guys can find some spring goodies from Forever21 too!  Thanks for reading!