Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY Lip Scrub

Hey everyone!  My lips have been really dry lately, so I decided to finally use a lip scrub.  Instead of going out and buying one for like $20, I made my own.  I'm really proud of it!  It was so easy to make because I just went into my bathroom and kitchen and used what I already had.  I didn't have to buy anything!  It really works too because I used it for two days and now my lips are so smooth.  I can't stop rubbing them together.  Weird, right?  I will never go back to having dry, cracked lips.

What you'll need:

  • Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline or something like it)
  • 2 Chapsticks (One to cut up and one to use afterwards)
  • Vanilla Extract (Only if you want it to smell good)
  • Brown Sugar
  • A little container
  • Something to mix with
  • Something to cut with

Take the Petroleum Jelly and scoop up enough to fill about 2/3 of your container.  Now take one of your chapsticks and cut off just one little slice to add to the jelly.  The chapstick mixed with the jelly will moisturize your lips while giving the brown sugar something to stick to.  Add about two drops of vanilla to make the scrub smell and taste amazing.  Now take the brown sugar and add as much brown sugar as you want.  You can make the texture as rough or as soft as you want to.  I like mine a little rough to really scrub away all the dead skin on my lips.

When you're done making it, you can store it overnight in the fridge to let it harden a bit.  Or if you want, you can go ahead and use it.  I didn't choose to refrigerate mine, but that's up to you.  When you decide to use the scrub, scoop up a little bit on your finger and start gently rubbing it on your lips in circular motions.  Do this for about a minute.  To get it off, use a warm washcloth and lightly rub away the lip scrub.  Use circular motions again.  When it's all off, you'll notice that your lips are a little more pigmented and plumper.  That just means that the scrub worked.  To lock in the moisture, choose your favorite lip balm and apply it over your newly smoothed lips.


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