Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Your Swimsuit Style Guide-2

Hey everyone! Since bikini season is in full swing, I thought it would be best to put up the second part to my Swimsuit Style Guide series.  On the last post, I focused on body shapes with bigger busts, smaller busts, and curvy body shapes.  On this one, I'm going to focus on athletic body shapes and tall and short gals.  A key style that will work for everybody is color blocking.  If you want to appear slimmed down, pick a suit with dark colors on the sides and light colors in the middle section.  Vice versa if you want to seem more curvy.  If you are pear shaped, i.e., you have a bigger bottom, pick a suit with dark colors on the bottom and light colors on top.  Again, vice versa if you have a bigger top.  Let's get into the different body types!

1.  Athletic-  If you have an athletic body shape, anything will look good on you.  You can wear any type of bikini to show off your flat tummy.  If you want to create curves, pick a monokini.  A monokini is basically a one-piece with sexy cutouts throughout the bathing suit.  If you pick one with the right cutouts, you can look like you have an awesome curvy body.  No specific color required. All of the suits are from Target.  I swear, you can find any type of cute swimsuit at Target!


2. Tall Girls- If you're lucky enough to be considered tall, you can wear a string bikini to show off your long legs.  If you have more leg than torso or just want to appear a little shorter, you can wear a monochromatic suit to lengthen the torso and trick the eyes into thinking you have a little more torso than you do.  Another good choice would be to wear a tankini to cover the midriff.  Exposing the midriff lengthens your entire body while covering makes it shorter. The 2 with the white background are from, where else, Target.  The other is from Belk.


3. Short Girls-  I'm one of them and I can testify that this trick works!  I'm only 5' 2" and I would like to appear just a little taller from time to time.  I usually get swimsuits with a higher cut on the leg.  A higher cut lengthens the leg, making you appear taller.  I couldn't find any images from normal stores that describe what I'm talking about, but you can do this with almost any one piece.  Just take the sides of the suit and hike them up some to lengthen your leg.  I don't have to do this with mine because it came that way.  I got mine at Belk if that helps!

I hope you all enjoyed this mini-series and I will talk to you in the next blog post!




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